Hole No. 1

The par four 1st has an open fairway with a slightly elevated green guarded by three shallow bunkers. Out of bounds on either side all the way down.

Par 4
378 yards
397 yards
412 yards
SI 5

Hole No. 2

The 2nd has a green which breaks off sharply at the rear.
Beware the trees behind the green.
Par 3
157 yards
169 yards
181 yards
SI 17

Hole No. 3

After the water hazard, the par 4 third has plenty of fairway to aim for which breaks sharply right to left. There is a deep bunker in front of the elevated green which is tiered.
Par 4
305 yards
317 yards
327 yards
SI 13

Hole No. 4

The par four 4th demands an accurate drive to open up the tricky green.
Trees lurk to block the approach if you are greedy whit your first.
Par 4
300 yards
329 yards
450 yards
SI 7

Hole No. 5

The par four 5th is a downhill dogleg left.
The left and rear of the green is banked.
Par 4
348 yards
368 yards
388 yards
SI 11

Hole No. 6

The par four 4 sixth has a greatly elevated tee.
The first shot is over 50 yards of brush to a fairway which is sharply slanted from left to right.
Par 4
337 yards
347 yards
257 yards
SI 9

Hole No. 7

The par 5 seventh begins uphill to a fairway which is slanted right to left.
After the crest of the hill the fairway forms a dogleg left a gradual descent.
The fairway is then uphill to the green.
Par 5
476 yards
506 yards
526 yards
SI 5

Hole No. 8

The 8th is a long par three with a steep large unprotected green.
Par 3
183 yards
206 yards
231 yards
SI 15

Hole No. 9

The par five 9th tempts you take  on the trees but the steep slope on the dogleg tends to throw the ball out of bounds. The green is steep with a swale and bank to the rear. A great hole.
Par 5
500 yards
526 yards
547 yards
SI 1

Hole No. 10

Easy driving on the par 4 10th but the green is only easy to reach with good distance. The green slopes from the back to the front and is trapped on the right and left.
Par 4
353 yards
385 yards
413 yards
SI 4

Hole No. 11

The par 3 eleventh has an elevated tee.
There is a pond to the right of the green and trap to the left of the green.
Par 3
138 yards
132 yards
125 yards
SI 16

Hole No. 12

The par four 12th is a dogleg right up a steep hill. There is a rough of the green and very little room behind. Distance judgement is the key to unlocking the flattish green.
Par 4
300 yards
306 yards
309 yards
SI 12

Hole No. 13

The par 3 thirteenth is from an elevated tee over rough. The green is slightly elevated as compared to the surrounding fairway.
Par 3
206 yards
210 yards
214 yards
SI 14

Hole No. 14

The par four 14th has a dry lake to clear before the uphill fairway reveals the steep green protected by bunkers.
Par 4
310 yards
360 yards
380 yards
SI 8

Hole No. 15

The easiest hole is a chip uphill to a filtered green. Be careful you get on the right level as missing leaves difficult putt.
Par 3
122 yards
130 yards
140 yards
SI 18

Hole No. 16

The par five 16th has an elevated tee with a glorious fairway open in front. The fairway narrows by the dry lake making the choice of second shot key to the hole.
Par 5
458 yards
466 yards
473 yards
SI 2

Hole No. 17

The penultimate hole has an initial blind shot up a hill.
The fairway to the green then slopes right to left.
Par 4
315 yards
335 yards
355 yards
SI 10

Hole No. 18

The par four 4th eighteenth is from an elevated tee to an undulating fairway.
The green is elevated with traps on left side and the right front.
The green slopes from back to front and has crown in the center.
Par 4
355 yards
395 yards
416 yards
SI 6