Press Release – Wednesday Nov 24

On Tuesday 23rd November police officers attached to Longford Police Station, while investigating a matter involving an allegation of a projectile being discharged in the Cedar Valley Community and affecting a school in the area, visited the offices of The Cedar Valley Golf Club.

The officers explained that their preliminary investigations suggest that based on their assessment of the scene, it appears that trajectory of the projectile commenced from an easterly direction where, among other things, the Golf Course is located.

The Management of Cedar Valley and investigating officers visited the area of the golf course closest to the school to do a preliminary assessment of the area.  There was nothing found to suggest that the incident was initiated from the Cedar Valley Golf Course.

The Board of Directors and The Management of the Cedar Valley Golf Club wishes to express solidarity with the responsible members of the public who find this incident reprehensible, and with the Management and Staff of the affected Educational institution.

We further commit to working with law enforcement personnel and the community to ensure that the Cedar Valley Community, and by extension the Cedar Valley Golf Club, remains a safe place to live, and to enjoy the use of the premiere Golf Course in Antigua and Barbuda.

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